Spotlight: Ingedia Sanchez

An architect, mentor, and community builder shares her story.

Photo © Danielle Campbell | SOM

As architects, we’re always learning. You have to hold on to that mentality and keep building your craft.

It was certainly intense and very demanding, but it was just an incredible experience. In those first years I really came to understand the dynamics of how to work on a large team, how projects were phased. I was able to take my knowledge of building systems to another level. My colleagues challenged me. They’d give me a set of drawings and say “study this — then let us know what you don’t understand.” I would look at other projects in the office to learn how drawings were laid out, how complex buildings were put together. Understanding how to read drawings is like learning a language.

As a graduate student, Ingedia followed her interest in high-rises—here on a tour of SOM skyscrapers in downtown Chicago. Photo courtesy Ingedia Sanchez
Sharing career advice on a panel at the Women in the Built World symposium in February 2020.
On a site visit with the SOM team to the Taylor Street Apartments and Roosevelt Branch Library, which opened in 2019 on Chicago’s Near West Side. Photo © SOM

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