Spotlight: Hayley Saita

An architect‘s journey, from dance to design.

Hayley with her daughter at the Nishi Hongwanji Obon Festival in Los Angeles, 2019.
Hayley performs in a contemporary dance piece she choreographed.
Hayley’s first design experience at SOM: an unbuilt concept to transform a parking garage into a creative workspace. Images © SOM.

Being able to ask questions openly, even ones you think might be dumb, is the best way to keep growing as an architect.

Working across time zones and figuring out ways to collaborate remotely was something that felt pretty new for me. Now, frequent communication, having a ton of Zoom calls, is something we take for granted. The lessons we learned working on that project, I see them implemented in our everyday work-from-home tactics now.

Hayley with colleagues in the Los Angeles office, 2019.

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