Forging a Community Vision on Chicago’s South Side

With the Obama Presidential Center on the horizon, residents are creating a plan for the neighborhood’s future.

Aerial view of Woodlawn’s 63rd Street Corridor. Photo © SOM
Image © SOM
Beach north of Jackson Park, circa 1960. Photo courtesy Chicago Public Library Special Collections, Chicago Park District Archives, Photos
Left: Stony Island Ave. and 66th Street, 1956. Photo courtesy Chicago History Today. Right: Muhammad Ali in Woodlawn in 1966. Photo © Thomas Hoepker.
Today, hundreds of vacant lots speak to the neighborhood’s decline—as well as its potential for redevelopment. Photos © SOM
The planning team used city data to map patterns of vacancy in the neighborhood. Image © SOM
Pictured left to right: Elisabet Olle, SOM; Katherine Darnstadt, founder, Latent Design; Dr. Byron T. Brazier, pastor, Apostolic Church of God; Paola Aguirre, founder, Borderless Studio; Dawveed Scully, SOM; Jada Russell, founder, HSMPR Consulting; Radford Smith, Apostolic Church of God. Photo © SOM
Residents arrive to take part in a planning session. Photo © SOM
Photos © SOM
City data helped the planning team identify areas with the greatest need for intervention. Image © SOM
Designers and residents sketched out ideas for a vibrant corridor along 63rd Street. Image © SOM
New parks, new possibilities. Image © SOM
The plan focuses development along strategic corridors and transit connections. Image © SOM
Photo © SOM



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