Designing For the Next Pandemic

What if architecture and urban design could function as an “immune system” for where we congregate?

It’s been a full year since the W.H.O. declared COVID-19 a pandemic, upending just about every facet of life around the world since. Thankfully, millions of people every day are now receiving their vaccines, bringing us closer to some semblance of “normal” again. But looking towards the future, we know that we may eventually face yet another pandemic. Medical researchers are testing treatments for a wide range of viral threats, aiming to mitigate the next outbreak before it starts. As designers of buildings and cities, can we be just as proactive? What if architecture and urban design could serve as an “immune system” for cities and communities?

City Design

The Cellular City

Urban Mobility

Bike Highway Network

Commercial Buildings

Anti-Anxiety Office Entry


The Elastic Office

Adaptive Reuse

Breathable Buildings


Free Passage

K-12 Education

The Anywhere Classroom

Higher Education

Adaptable Learning Spaces


“Third Space” Communities


Resilient Hospitals

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