Creative Construction: How Artists and Engineers Collaborate

Exploring the technical challenges behind five works of public art

Janet Echelman’s “Dream Catcher” net sculpture, viewed from below. Photo © Studio Echelman. Courtesy of Studio Echelman.

Janet Echelman, “Dream Catcher” (2017)

Axonometric structural diagram of “Dream Catcher.” Image © SOM

Iñigo Manglano–Ovalle, “Weather Field №1” (2013)

“Weather Field №1” by Iñigo Manglano–Ovalle. Photo © SOM
“Weather Field №1” on a windy day. Photo © SOM
Structural diagrams of base support and connection for “Weather Field №1.” Images © SOM

James Carpenter, “Hope Tower” (2011)

The installation of Hope Tower. Photos © Richard Kress, JCDA. Courtesy of James Carpenter Design Associates.

Jaume Plensa, “World Voices” (2010)

“World Voices” by Jaume Plensa, a permanent installation in the residential lobby of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Photo: Nick Merrick / © Hedrich Blessing.
“World Voices” reflected in one of the pools at its base. Image © SOM
Workers install the base podium of “World Voices.” Photo © SOM

James Turrell, “Twilight Epiphany” (2012)

Axonometric structural diagram of “Twilight Epiphany.” Image © SOM
Sectional diagram of “Twilight Epiphany.” Image © SOM

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