An architecture critic takes stock of SOM in its 85th year.

by Sam Lubell

Burj Khalifa set the tone for SOM through the 2010s. The dozens of projects that followed are seamless, elegant buildings whose forms, programs, and functions seem simple, even inevitable, although they are anything but. Photo © Nick Merrick | Hedrich Blessing

In four years, UC Merced doubled in size and met its net-zero carbon goal ahead of schedule. That’s just the beginning.

Photo: Dave Burk © SOM

A champion for equity and inclusion is making a difference in the design industry.

Ammee on a backpacking trip to the Cirque of the Towers in Wyoming. All photos © Ammee Snyder unless otherwise cited.

An architect reflects on connection, identity, and community.

Andy in the Catskill Mountains. All images © Andy Rah unless otherwise cited.

What if architecture and urban design could function as an “immune system” for where we congregate?

An architect‘s journey, from dance to design.

Hayley with her daughter at the Nishi Hongwanji Obon Festival in Los Angeles, 2019.

Photographer Wayne Thom and author Emily Bills discuss an under-appreciated era in architecture.

Inside the Bank of America data center in San Francisco, featuring a wall sculpture by Claire Kahn. (© Wayne Thom | The Monacelli Press)

From an exhibition to an entire museum, a Los Angeles-based designer finds the opportunity to learn at every scale.

All images courtesy Jad Ismail, unless otherwise cited.

Our annual architecture preview.

The roof terrace at 800 Fulton will offer new views above Chicago. Image © SOM

A budding architectural designer finds the chance to work on two New York City icons.

Photo courtesy Adede Amenyah


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